Pedigree is a marvel to behold

Let me have it right quick

And I’ll be most tender in my heart

That’s when I will soften

And cease to flex

The beating loosens a bit

As if effort is not necessary

Blood need not flow

There’s not much oxygen to process

In that upper atmosphere




Smiles wrinkled on our faces

Yes, it’s been that way for quite some time

They don’t waiver

To the current conditions

Smiles are earth

Moist with rain

Sparring with the wind

To stay in place


And they remember our cadence

Wrinkles guide them back

When we bruise each other





I would soothe myself
With the frosting of a sweet word
As I gave it to you
And its splendor would carry us to sleep
And that was enough
But people are louder now.

I would celebrate your smile
And the canopy it raised
To protect us from the sun
And the heat of contempt
And that would carry us to sunset
But people are louder now.

But the smallest pleasures are stale
And the peace we knew, deleted
Here depleted by stones the others threw
And this is where we stand
Our heads in the fucking sand
Because people are louder now.


THE TUMBLE (in pieces): A new film

We made a movie about people you don’t see in the big movies. We made it with our bare hands, unassisted by money or its absurd expectations. We made it because nothing was going to stop us from willing these characters into existence. This modest film that isn’t particularly flashy, but refuses to shut up. It has something to say and it comes from my soul and those of my collaborators. For you, it’s another show to skip as you navigate the deepest online waters. And that’s okay, you will find what you need out there. For us, it’s an affirmation that story matters, story heals us if we give it a chance, even if it doesn’t seem that inviting at first. Like tequila. I am proud to share this with you, and proud of my friends who gave it their all to bring this to life. It’s called The Tumble. It’s here for you if you need it.

Scenes for the web. Based on stage plays and writings by Jaime Cruz.

A Cultured Animal Presentation

Ahren Buhmann
Sean Coyle
Jaime Cruz
Rebecca Diamond
Craig Erpelding
Fay Hall
Jon Hallowell
Troy Howe
Phil Kelley
Chloe King
Samantha Lewan
Lauren Newell
Michael Stack
George C. Taylor III

Featuring music by
19 Cent Feast – facebook.com/NineteenCentFeast
Cultured Animal – soundcloud.com/culturedanimal
Dillon Petrillo – soundcloud.com/dillonpetrillo
For the Benefit – soundcloud.com/forthebenefit
Loose Thread
Ryan Archibald – soundcloud.com/ryandarchibald
A Stranded Band – soundcloud.com/a-stranded-band


Be there instead.

There is a yearning to be closer
And to sing praises of those days
When we sat in the room, all of us
Corazon Salvaje wailing melodrama
Rattly headphones let us in on the show
The fog of an overworked estufa
Carne con chile acercando las ocho
One caught in the tangles of her hair
The other one high heeling the place
Desires a career impersonating Selena
Neither buried nor above ground
We spent few moments at peace
Afternoons either bright or pale
Before the oldest found her apron by the stairs
And the youngest found her busted carriola
And the one in the middle just sat in the room
Crouched at the behest of pen and paper
Sat in the heat of prayer and heresy
A shortage of hearth there
But never short on warmth
No shortness of color when the wind kept us inside
Respite is all we asked for
This is what I miss
Still and always miss


Coming up next, a brand new play!

Happy to announce our play #minortrends will be opening next week!

My good friend Ashley graciously granted me an opportunity to write for her students at Pine Bluffs. The play we collaborated on sheds light on the positive and negative aspects of social media, as seen through the eyes of teenagers at Pine Bluffs. Using input from the students themselves, we set out to make a play that is uniquely Pine Bluffs and a specific portrayal of situations these students experience day in and day out. As someone who comes from that generation that lived the analog to digital transition, I am fascinated by how the rules of communication have changed. I can barely fathom the new apps younger generations are using to redefine social interaction, I didn’t even have a cellphone until I was in college! But I’m certain one thing hasn’t changed for the kids in the classroom: and that is the need to find a place of their own, a community (online or off), and the desire to acquire the tools that will help them reach their goals.

Writing theater for young adults has personally benefited me in a profound way. Though I wear many hats, I feel most like a playwright when my love for the stage and its educational potential reach the page together. As we near the premiere, I know the students performing this work will do a tremendous job and will give Pine Bluffs an engaging experience to talk about.

If you’re in the Cheyenne/Pine Bluffs area, go check it out!

Performances will be held in the PBHS Commons both Friday, May 8 and Monday, May 11 at 6:30pm– $6 for adults and $3 for students. This play is PG-13 for content. Parents are warned before bringing their younger children. Content includes dating violence and discussion of suicide.