“Can’t even give this stuff away, why would I sell it?” – BNL

When I was a kid, I recorded pop songs in the basement. Hundreds of tracks sitting in a box that trace characters, sketches and feelings I hadn’t thought about in a while. Instead of writing a daily journal entry, I would hit the record button on my father’s digital mixer. And so now I have embarrassingly beautiful teenage memories in compact disc form. Sometimes unrefined, usually odd, but always honest. There’s a lot of synth layered in there too, Sweet Jesus. Nevertheless, this recording habit made me a better writer once upon a time, so I’d rather these little songs collect dust online than in a box. And why the hell not: I’ll be posting a few of them here. Because internet.

Encounter @ 11 – by Jaime Cruz
3rd track from the album “Too Real to Dream It”
Recorded in the basement July 2004.

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Patchwork Permutations online!

What kind of recording artist still uses garage band to capture anything of merit? What is this filth?! The nerve! 2009 was a time of limited means, but I really wanted to explore and sing and relish in that joy of assembling a song. So I said, fuck it: This will be the one album I enjoy the most, the real deal. Patchwork Permutations, my follow up to¬†Headphone Music. Maybe it’s not the real deal, who knows? However, there’s no point in keeping it locked away in some dusty hard drive, so here it is! I still like it the best because it doesn’t really care what it is, it just is. And it cheers me up every time, because I can hear my art’s compass tilting in the right direction. Good things were to come from that point onward, and still are. I’ve posted some songs from this album here and there over the years. Listen to a little fragment or the whole darn thing: It will put a smile on your face.