“Can’t even give this stuff away, why would I sell it?” – BNL

When I was a kid, I recorded pop songs in the basement. Hundreds of tracks sitting in a box that trace characters, sketches and feelings I hadn’t thought about in a while. Instead of writing a daily journal entry, I would hit the record button on my father’s digital mixer. And so now I have embarrassingly beautiful teenage memories in compact disc form. Sometimes unrefined, usually odd, but always honest. There’s a lot of synth layered in there too, Sweet Jesus. Nevertheless, this recording habit made me a better writer once upon a time, so I’d rather these little songs collect dust online than in a box. And why the hell not: I’ll be posting a few of them here. Because internet.

Encounter @ 11 – by Jaime Cruz
3rd track from the album “Too Real to Dream It”
Recorded in the basement July 2004.

#oldmusic #demos #foggyrearview


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