THE TUMBLE (in pieces): A new film

We made a movie about people you don’t see in the big movies. We made it with our bare hands, unassisted by money or its absurd expectations. We made it because nothing was going to stop us from willing these characters into existence. This modest film that isn’t particularly flashy, but refuses to shut up. It has something to say and it comes from my soul and those of my collaborators. For you, it’s another show to skip as you navigate the deepest online waters. And that’s okay, you will find what you need out there. For us, it’s an affirmation that story matters, story heals us if we give it a chance, even if it doesn’t seem that inviting at first. Like tequila. I am proud to share this with you, and proud of my friends who gave it their all to bring this to life. It’s called The Tumble. It’s here for you if you need it.

Scenes for the web. Based on stage plays and writings by Jaime Cruz.

A Cultured Animal Presentation

Ahren Buhmann
Sean Coyle
Jaime Cruz
Rebecca Diamond
Craig Erpelding
Fay Hall
Jon Hallowell
Troy Howe
Phil Kelley
Chloe King
Samantha Lewan
Lauren Newell
Michael Stack
George C. Taylor III

Featuring music by
19 Cent Feast –
Cultured Animal –
Dillon Petrillo –
For the Benefit –
Loose Thread
Ryan Archibald –
A Stranded Band –



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