Degree in Theatre, Not On Broadway, You Must Be A Failure


Chris Peterson / OnStage Editor in Chief

Every spring thousands of theatre students earn their degree from their various colleges. Most of them graduate knowing full well that less than one percent of them will ever grace a Broadway stage. That must make them failures right?

I can’t tell you many times I’ve had this conversation with various people. And it drives me nuts every time.

Will my name ever appear on the Shubert marquee? Will I ever star in a Kitt and Yorkey musical? Will I ever win a Tony? No. But it amazes me that anything less than this is considered a failure.

They forget that we’re fantastic public speakers, a rare skill these days. It doesn’t matter if it’s front of five or five hundred, we’ll own the room. Just give us our lines and we’ll deliver.

You need us to work longer than the usual 9-5? Apparently you’ve never been…

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