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We created a lot of good stuff.

It was a good run.

But it’s time to retire this entity.

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Also, all Cultured Animal videos and music have a permanent home in progress over at the Cultured Animal tab. So thanks to everyone who worked on these projects through the years! And thanks to those of you watching/listening.

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The Real Story of Clarion and Lloyd Suh

Bitter Gertrude

I don’t have any insider information. But I’ve been both teaching theatre in the university system and producing professional theatre for over 20 years, and I’m sick of the articles being written about this that have no understanding of what we do or how we do it.

Marilouise Michel of Clarion University wanted to produce Lloyd Suh’s Jesus in India, but never completed the licensing agreement, or responded to the agent when asked about casting. Michel cast with all white actors, including the roles written for East Indian actors. The rights, having never been granted, were denied.

Here’s what happened: In January, Clarion asks for a copy of the play. In May, they inform Lloyd they’re adapting it into a musical. For those of you unfamiliar with IP copyright, this is illegal if done without author permission. Lloyd generously tells Clarion that’s fine if it’s just a classroom exercise, but he (obviously)…

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Pedigree is a marvel to behold

Let me have it right quick

And I’ll be most tender in my heart

That’s when I will soften

And cease to flex

The beating loosens a bit

As if effort is not necessary

Blood need not flow

There’s not much oxygen to process

In that upper atmosphere



Smiles wrinkled on our faces

Yes, it’s been that way for quite some time

They don’t waiver

To the current conditions

Smiles are earth

Moist with rain

Sparring with the wind

To stay in place


And they remember our cadence

Wrinkles guide them back

When we bruise each other




“Can’t even give this stuff away, why would I sell it?” – BNL

When I was a kid, I recorded pop songs in the basement. Hundreds of tracks sitting in a box that trace characters, sketches and feelings I hadn’t thought about in a while. Instead of writing a daily journal entry, I would hit the record button on my father’s digital mixer. And so now I have embarrassingly beautiful teenage memories in compact disc form. Sometimes unrefined, usually odd, but always honest. There’s a lot of synth layered in there too, Sweet Jesus. Nevertheless, this recording habit made me a better writer once upon a time, so I’d rather these little songs collect dust online than in a box. And why the hell not: I’ll be posting a few of them here. Because internet.

Encounter @ 11 – by Jaime Cruz
3rd track from the album “Too Real to Dream It”
Recorded in the basement July 2004.

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